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Help us build the largest online resource for pet friendly travel! Add your pet friendly hotel, motel, country inn, bed & breakfast, vacation rental, campground, pet resort, boarding kennel or related service (example: emergency veterinary hospital, pet sitting service,pet supply store, dog park, dog beach)! All standard listings are free of charge - always!

To add your business listing, please go to the category where you think your web site would suit the category best. Then click on ''Free Listing" to add your web site to the index. To add a premium listing click on "Featured Listing". Featured Listings show up at the top of the page, are boxed in to draw more attention to the listing, have a direct link to the website, and an image (photo or logo). Featured listings are ONLY $49. per year and are paid by credit card through Please note that upper level pages: regions, states and the main page of a city/town directory are an additioal charge. Please email us for more information about these pages.

We are also accepting pet travel photos and pet travel articles. Any pet hospitality business or individual conributing pet photos or travel articles will receive a link to their website when the submission is published. Please use are our email form to contact us.